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Telematica is the exclusive representative of leading companies in motorsports and electronics. Browse our wide range of manufacturers and equip your vehicle with products of high quality and performance.

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Our History


Start cooperating with Greddy and Electrosupply

At the same time we took over redesigning and functionality of the official website of DNA Filters. ( More companies are yet to come...


Telematica expands in UK via Thubnet ( Learn More ). Start cooperating with ACCEL Ignitions

We redesigned our webpage to make it more friendly, with responsive design now you can browse the page from your mobile phone with a touch. M


Organized three day training seminar in cooperation with the AEM.

The season starts too loud for our company as we organized for the first time in Europe training course about planning unwritten AEM ECU. Telematica was certified with PCI standard and ISO 27001 for the security of the website.


Introduction to motorcycle products. Start of cooperation with DNA, Gripone.

The range of products we offer is growing rapidly. This year we aimed the motorbike products. From MotoGP comes the Gripone traction control and our country's best racing air filters from DNA.


Start of cooperation with GoPRO. The company received the e-Volution Award.

GoPro and Telematica collaborate and the result is explosive. The most recognizable company in the Action Video launches its sales through the sales network of Telematica. Also this year our company receives the e-Volution Award for our new designed trading platform .


Start of cooperation with PIAA. Open Amazon store.

For the first time our company will represent a company from the Far East. PIAA is probably the most well known racing lamps company from Japan. Also in 2011 we opened our shop in Amazon. Now all European citizens have access to the products we sell, in all online sales channels .


The company is certified with ISO 9001. Start of cooperation with FOSCAM.

The well-organized structure of our company led us to receive certification ISO 9001 by TUV Austria. Very important was the company's decision to market "consumer electronics" type products . Foscam is a company that manufactures IP Security cameras and now represented by Telematica.



Transfer to a company owned facilities. Start of cooperation with AEM.

The moving procedures cost a lot of time in 2009 Our facilities are designed especially for the needs of the company. In 2009 Telematica managed to close perhaps the most important agreement by then, to represent the company AEM in Europe.


Our company begins to consolidate on the American scene as a European company which worthily represents American improvement companies in Europe. New companies are added into the long range of Telematica. It is worth mentioning that during that year we introduced to the public the first product designed by our company. It is a software for mobile phones that worked with the best operating of the time the Symbian.



Start of cooperation with Tesla Electronics. Open ebay store. Participation in Athens Tuning Show.

The second year of our company, finds us two delegations longer and with a well designed aggressive strategy to promote their products in exhibitions and in print ads.


Establishment of the company and start of cooperation with Linear Logic. Representation of brand in Europe.

The first product we sell is ScanGaugeII which even today in the year 2014 continues to be a hot selling product.

+44 208 638 0906
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